Cariño is a bakery that makes 100% healthy desserts. Everything is gut-friendly, glucose-steady, sugar free, gluten free, seed oil free; and they also offer lactose free and vegan options. 

They understand that healthy doesn't have to mean less delicious, and that's why you wouldn't be able to tell their products are healthy, as they're just (and even more!) as irresistible as a "normal" dessert. They make no compromises in flavor or ingredients.
I wanted to create a brand that is honest and clean, while being warm, irresistible and comforting. Just like their desserts, and unlike the competition, the brand doesn't need to "look" healthy, it needs to stand out and let the products do the work. 

One of Cariño’s main values is transparency. “What you see is what you get”, no hidden stuff in their products. That’s why for the logo I wanted to express just that. Something clean and to the point, that also draws attention. The typography is simple, bold, and a little bit modulated, so that it remains dynamic.

For the main color I used a bright blue, to make the brand stand out and have more personality. Most of healthy dessert shops use very natural colors, such as green and earthy tones, so using the blue makes Cariño look fancier and more taste-focused than the competition. The other color is a very sandy beige, to give it that honesty, warmth, and confort. It’s a very pastry color, so it gives the dessert feel, and it’s almost the color of dough or cream.

I created a pattern with illustrations of a heart character, because of the name, Cariño, which is the Spanish word for “love”. He is a happy and blissful character, he’s obviously been eating Cariño.
The tagline and other phrases have the shape of a wave, as a wink to the one on the “ñ”, which hints to the fact that this is a latin brand.

Finally, for the photography I chose something that will make people grab their phones and order, or go directly to their shop. People will know the desserts are healthy because of the brand's communication through words, so we don’t need the pictures to look healthy.
It’s pretty straight forward: It has to look delicious. Extreme close ups and high contrast, so that you can smell the photo; and also an emphasis on the best part of each dessert, achieved through the art direction (like the lava cake with the pouring chocolate goodness).

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