Mindful is a skincare brand focused on physical and emotional self care.

Each product helps address an emotional need through mindfulness. A cleanser that encourages you to take 3 deep breaths while you scrub, a 10 minute face mask that comes with a 10 minute guided meditation track, and more. 

They want to make sure women make their skincare routine a ritual. ​​​​​​​
For the logo, I wanted something with a lot of flow. That’s why I chose a font with curves and no sharp edges, and I created the waves joining some of the letters. I used a very modulated serif font to give the brand the right touch of sophistication, to suggest that even though it is not a luxury brand, the products are high quality.

I wanted the colors to reflect what Mindful products do for women. I aimed to achieve a mix of calm, elegance and energy. The bright lavender is peaceful and calm. Orange is associated with joy and happiness, and it also conveys energy and vitality. I also used a warm beige, which is associated with the skin, while also being clean and pure. Finally, I added gradients, because they give the sensation of a deep breath.

For the photography I featured a mix of the product in use, while showing what it can do for you, emotionally. I chose pictures where the women are not perfect, but their skin looks healthy, and most importantly, they look happy calm, and comfortable.
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